Gelato Factory — Easter Eggs 🍫

A look inside the gelato factory and the production of gelato-filled Easter eggs

Thomas Walker
2 min readApr 16, 2020

I’ve been wanting to draw some sort of Gelato factory for awhile now, and Easter seemed to be the perfect occasion, given I was filling Easter eggs with gelato!

Partly drawn while watching the 3 hour slow TV documentary The Chocolate Factory: Cadbury Australia on SBS On Demand — I highly recommend it.

Each stage detailed below:

1. The eggs arrive from a supplier specialising in high quality chocolate Easter eggs. They are placed onto a conveyor belt, which is the first step in the journey from start to finish.

2. The eggs are halved using a specialised hammer. The top half is placed onto a separate conveyor belt, which rejoins the bottom half after they’re filled with gelato.

3. Hot Cross Bun gelato from another part of the factory is piped into the egg.

4. Workers then take the matching top of the egg and carefully place it back on.

5. Re-sealed eggs are then polished to a shine, buffing out the cut and making the egg perfectly whole again.

6. Completed eggs go into the blast freezer, where they are quickly cooled down to -40c to maintain freshness and ensure longevity.

7. Eggs are then packaged up in impact resistant boxes for shipping.

8. Forklifts move pallets of eggs to the logistics area for express delivery.